Quad Pump Life and Reliability

PMC has designed the Quad-Pump to achieve a 4-year run life target, this is based on PMC experience with other pump applications: 

At 7 Strokes per minutes, that equals 15 MM cycles

To meet this objective, the following design features have been implemented:

  • Sheltering critical components from high temperatures and downhole conditions.
  • Lower RPM operation
  • Premium hardened chrome barrels
  • No metal to metal contact (bushings and seals)
  • Upgraded material for check valves
  • Seals with a minimum of five to seven year run life (as per manufacturer Parker)
  • Valves with a minimum six to eight year run life (as per Sun Hydraulics) 

While PMC is testing the product in its loop, the best way to confirm the run life will be through field trial following the C-FER, Fines and Gas testing