Introducing The Quad-Pump

A Transformative Downhole Oil Production Pump System

Hydraulically Actuated Double-Acting Positive Displacement Pump System

         A transformative downhole pump design driving by hydraulic power target energy saving and environment friendly for oil production.

         A creative product design to bring up the production rate while keeping a long-life circle and reliability, which is the only new pump system that can compete in the ESP pump market.

        A fundamentally innovative downhole pump system protected by international paten in more than 20 countries.

Downhole Assembly composed of three chambers and four pumps

Our Vision

Innovate Clean Energy Production Technologies help reduce GHG (Green House Gas Emission) and Anti-Global Warm.

Our Mission

Significantly reduce wellhead electrical energy consumption. PMC Pump could realize these examples of energy saving:



To help the current medium size production well (500 - 3000bbld) reduce the electrical energy consumption from current 200HP to 60HP or below.


To help the current large production wellhead (3000 - 6000bbld) reduce the electrical energy power consumption from current 400HP to 120HP or below.

Clear Energy Technology


Innovative Downhole Pump Design Features Large Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions Over Conventional Technologies


Fully Automated Production Equipment Design Utilizes the Latest IT Technology


Locally Owned and Manufactured here in Calgary, Canada


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