Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Services

We are committed to meeting the needs and challenges of our clients, doing things right the very first time, and minimizing the need for revisions. Our service categories include:

Please see individual categories for details.

Precision Machining

CNC turning, milling, boring, and threads milling.

Gear Manufacturing

Hobbing and Grinding Gears.

Wellhead Components

3000 psi tested API thread and flange of steel and ductile iron.

Hydraulic Cylinder/Rod

Honing, grinding, polish up to 35 feet long.

Close-Die Forged Steel

Close-Die forging from 1 lb to 300 lb and open die forging up to 3 tons.

Steel and Ductile Iron Castings

Steel castings from 1 lb to 800 lb and various ductile iron castings.

Sheet metal fabrication


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