A Transformative Oil Production Pump System

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Innovate Clean Energy Production Technologies

In last 6 years, PMC Pumps Inc has invented and developed an independent and comprehensive technical route for oil production industry and geothermal energy industry.

The innovate technologies PMC invented and developed for the first in the world so far include these major product lines:

  1. Quad-Pump for SAGD oil production of 200°C+ high-temperature thermal wells.
  2. PDP-Pump for conventional well oil production
  3. Surface boost pump for pipeline crude oil transportation
  4. Insulation tubing for steam injection of SAGD wells
  5. Insulation tubing for geothermal energy production

PMC has so far filed 5 international patents and will file 25 countries related to major oil production technologies and major oil production.

PMC will eventually own more than 125 patents world-wide. PMC not only creates a new generation of higher efficient technology equipment among the century-aged traditional oil production industry, but also provide the latest highly efficient technology equipment for geothermal energy industry.

PMC clean energy technologies will make noticeable contribution to reduce emission for the world-wide energy industries.